"Tahira Rehman is a vibrant and vital addition to the scene. Her poetry has that unique
combination of being timeless and fiercely contemporary. " - Matt Abbott

"She captivated the whole audience, she was so amazing." - Spoken Weird

"An educational, honest, fresh, evocative, spirit-lifting and a very inspiring Performer. " - High

"Tahira is an impassioned performance-poet. Her poetry is the depiction of subtly constructed
emotion." - Saudha Arts

"A uniquely styled performance that was atmospheric and powerfully thought provoking!" - Blur
The Lines | Leeds Playhouse

"People were hanging off her words, intrigued and waiting for the next line." - Dark days - Bright

"Any number of poets describe the spiritual struggle. Very few can capture the moment’s of spiritual success. Tahira Rehman’s “Befriending the soul: the true friend” speaks to the “second stage of spiritual peacefulness,” offering terms such as “sweetness, beauty, and eternity” with an authenticity every bit as real as descriptions of spiritual longing and distress. It would seem she knows of what she speaks, and truly writes from a further stage of spiritual poetry."
- Wayne-Daniel Berard
Co-founding editor,
Soul-Lit, a Journal of Spiritual Poetry

"Tahira really moved me. A very eloquent and beautiful performance." - Bread and Roses Cafe

"Tahira's poem 'Temporary Shine' is a marvel on the use of subtle language to instantly connect
a reader to a greater picture. It is a beautiful piece." - Our Verse Magazine, US.

"Writing and performance with a lot of heart." - The Shuttle Shuffle Festival

"I liked her back to back three poem flow style, like a mini production. She really worked on
remembering her words." - Leeds 

"Step into this tunnel of transformation and allow Tahira's words to guide you to a clearer sense
of purpose." - MORR | Make Our Rights Reality


"Tahira reached out to every member of the audience with her poetry, it was an interaction. People were hanging off her words, intrigued and waiting for the next line. Her delivery is unique and direct and engaging. As a listener, she takes you with her during her performances and her writing is honest and imaginative." - Kiran Shah, Dark days, bright minds poetry night. 


"I was delighted to have Tahira as one of my first guests on Poetry Out Loud on BcB Radio. She spoke openly and frankly about her journey into writing and Poetry, and how she created her business Avarohn Expressions. She also recited some of her poetry including Mirage. She is on an inspiring path, and I think she will continue to reach out to many people." - BCB Radio 


"All the performers tonight were fantastic but yours really moved me so thank you. I think you added more to your words by the way you spoke them. Just very eloquent and beautiful. I look forward to reading your book" - Avril Barker, Bread + Roses.


"The author is a personal poetry friend I have had the privilege of connecting with at various events and I as an individual who hosts a spoken word night once monthly have been able to invite her as a guest to my night; providing her with a platform to share her work with others. This made me very happy to be able to support fellow artists. Her work is educational, honest, fresh and very inspiring. She dedicates a lot of her time to writing heartfelt, emotional and evocative pieces of work to share with her audiences. I for one was deeply impressed by such delicate and accessible content seen within her book. The quotes she writes to coincide with her poems always lift my spirits every time I read them. This poet is innovative and humble and her work always comforts me and challenges me and that’s the art of being a true artist! Excellent read and highly recommended!" - Bernie The Bolt


"Tahira Rehman performed for us at The Fenton Boogie open-mic/jam, and I was impressed by her confidence and feats of memory. Her poems are no less impressive, they're rich in metaphor, putting me in mind of the great Middle-eastern poets of centuries past, yet grounded in contemporary issues and her personal experiences, formed right here in urban Britain and not overburdened with impenetrable mysticism. She's most welcome to come back and perform at The Fenton again." - The Fenton Boogie 

"Tahira gave a spellbinding performance at Soundbites. A completely polished and engaging performance of beautiful poetry!" – Soundbites Poetry

"It was a joy to have Tahira as one of our feature guests at Cellar Stories.  She performed with a gentle grace and shared words that carried incredible resonance and power." – Cellar Stories at Lawrence Batley Theatre

"Tahira is a very talented poet and performer. Her delivery is powerful and heartfelt, with poems touching on a range of subjects that provoked emotion and discussion. I would definitely recommend her to any festival as a spoken word artist."

Michelle Hodgson, Festival Manager, Sangam Festival