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 Mirages to Reality Reviews: 


Aleesha Williams

Life in a nutshell

One paragraph won't do justice to describe the beauty of this book. Tahira focuses on the reader more than herself and this may sound biased but this book is real poetry, taking you to a place in your imaginative and emotional mind and leaving you feeling inspired and in awe. Her poems are abstract, stunning and have enlightened the name of poetry. No wonder audiences are blown away when she performs. I don't just recommend you read this book, I urge you to.


William Coniston


A personal journey but with conclusions that can help us all.

This collection explores how the world and our relationships can turn out to be different from how we initially perceive them, how we can be deceived by a mirage, and how sometimes we have to pass through dark places and emotional turbulence to reach an understanding of reality and ourselves. The sentiments expressed seem highly personal and based on the poet’s own experience, but she reaches conclusions that can help all of us. I liked the commentary that linked the poems at each stage of the journey. Well worth reading.


Bernadette O Horo


Honest, Evocative, Raw & Inspiring.

The author is a personal poetry friend I have had the privilege of connecting with at various events and I as an individual who hosts a spoken word night once monthly have been able to invite her as a guest to my night; providing her with a platform to share her work with others. This made me very happy to be able to support fellow artists. Her work is educational, honest, fresh and very inspiring. She dedicates a lot of her time to writing heartfelt, emotional and evocative pieces of work to share with her audiences. I for one was deeply impressed by such delicate and accessible content seen within her book. The quotes she writes to coincide with her poems always lift my spirits every time I read them. This poet is innovative and humble, and her work always comforts me and challenges me and that’s the art of being a true artist! Excellent read and highly recommended!


M. J. Saxton


Peacefully Moving

A thoughtfully created anthology of poems that explore various perceptions of non-reality/reality. It is a crafted journey of words leading from dark to light. Some poems feelingly express the situation and needs of someone threading their way through difficulties. Others examine how physical sensation can inspire a stream of consciousness. The style is flowing and touches the lyrical. A perfect book for quiet and relaxed reading.


Zoe. M


A beautifully unique piece of literary art:

Mirages to Reality will take you through a journey from turmoil to self-realisation and back again as the author offers wisdom through honesty and vulnerability. Step into this tunnel of transformation and allow the words to guide you to a clearer sense of purpose.


Gemma Martland


A true wonder, highly recommend!

A truly beautiful and inspirational read. Tahira perfectly writes about life's journey, it's mirages. Her words are thought provoking and encouraging, not only to realise where we want to be on the road of life, but enables us to possess the courage to continue on our own personal journey. I would highly recommend this and all of her remarkable works.


Pauline Gilman


The journey of life

This book is absolutely fabulous. Taking you on a journey, where you can sit back and allow the words to deliciously soak into your whole being. I recommend this book as a must buy. Beautifully illustrated, from the cover and throughout the pages.


"Tahira's poem 'Temporary Shine' is a marvel on the use of subtle language to instantly connect a reader to a greater picture. It is a beautiful piece." - Our Verse Magazine, US.