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I take bookings for Spoken Word and poetry events/gigs, Festivals, religious events, family gatherings, parties; whatever the occasion is, I can perform a desired set on your chosen theme

My poetry sets include:

Mirages to Reality

This is a sequence of poems from my book that take you through the seasons of life. It is an emotional set that addresses thought processes that we all face as humans and how we can break the cycle of feeling unfulfilled. The set ends with a happy poem and never fails to inspire audiences.

"It really filled my week with colour and zeel.. Thank you." - Ruthy Ramsden

Fore more reviews of this show, please see the reviews 2019 page


This is my latest performance set. It covers poems on grief and loss. The set ends on an inspirational and positive ending.

Spiritual Poems

This is a sequence of poems focused on spirituality, a kind of spirituality that is universal. This set also contains poems about God.

"Any number of poets describe the spiritual struggle. Very few can capture the moment’s of spiritual success. Tahira Rehman’s “Befriending the soul: the true friend” speaks to the “second stage of spiritual peacefulness,” offering terms such as “sweetness, beauty, and eternity” with an authenticity every bit as real as descriptions of spiritual longing and distress. It would seem she knows of what she speaks, and truly writes from a further stage of spiritual poetry."
- Wayne-Daniel Berard
Co-founding editor,
Soul-Lit, a Journal of Spiritual Poetry

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